Data Reporting & Deliverables

IAL offers a wide range of deliverables to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients and regulatory agencies. Our final data report package is prepared in a structured format with QA/QC documentation (as required by the data deliverable requirements) to facilitate data review.

Our unique Data Summary Table clearly highlights any detected contaminants as determined by our analyses. This quick and convenient reference table is located right at the beginning of our data package. We have specifically designed this table, as a service to our clients, to ensure a thorough understanding of important analytical data in the most convenient format possible.

Data Packages

Analytical data packages prepared by IAL include:

  • New Jersey Reduced Deliverables, equivalent to EPA Level II/III
  • New Jersey Regulatory (Full Deliverables), equivalent to EPA Level IV
  • New York ASP A Format
  • New York ASP B Format, equivalent to EPA Level IV
  • Results Only

E-mailed results are QC reviewed and available within 10 business days after receipt, with final data packages conveniently available 15 business days after receipt. Expedited turnaround times on e-mailed data, as well as the final hard copy, are available with prior laboratory approval.

Electronic Data Deliverables

IAL has developed an extensive library of electronic data deliverables (EDDs) designed by our own in-house IT manager. Custom programming is available to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We can modify, change, and even create unique data tables to suit individual requests.

Our standard EDDs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • IAL's custom NJDEP IAL HazSite Online SRP Manager for the New Jersey Site Remediation Program
  • NJ or NY Cleanup Criteria Spreadsheet (PA under construction)
  • EQuIS 
  • NYSDEC EDD (EQuIS format)

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  • Soil & Water Testing

    Soil & Water Testing

    Contaminant and General Chemistry Analyses

    IAL's testing capabilities include analysis of soils, sediments, and solid and hazardous waste samples, along with surface and ground water, drinking water and waste waters.

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  • Vapor Intrusion

    Vapor Intrusion

    EPA Method and NJDEP Low-Level Analytical Services

    IAL's specialty is EPA Method TO-15 and NJDEP Low Level TO-15, for indoor and ambient air, and for subslab and soil gas samples, along with other complimentary analyses.

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  • Remediation Diagnostics

    Remediation Diagnostics

    Specialized Testing for Remediation Decision-making

    Analytical diagnostics can provide additional lines of evidence for a conceptual site model (CSM), can help guide the selection of efficient means for in-situ remediation, and can support management decisions including the transition to monitored natural attenuation (MNA) and closure.

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  • Bench/Pilot Testing

    Bench and Pilot Studies, and Control Systems

    Design, Optimization and Monitoring

    IAL can design and perform meaningful bench and field-scale tests of in-situ remedial alternatives. In addition, IAL's timely and sensitive analyses have enabled consultants to reliably evaluate and monitor new control procedures and equipment.

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  • Data Quality

    Data Quality

    QA/QC Measures and Protocols

    IAL takes specific steps to provide the highest quality analytical data.

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  • Data Reporting

    Data Reporting and Deliverables

    Data Packages and EDDs

    IAL offers a wide range of deliverables to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients and regulatory agencies.

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  • Field Sampling

    Field Sampling

    Groundwater Sampling, NPDES Discharge Sampling and Analyze Immediately Tests

    IAL is able to mobilize to your site in New Jersey to provide a cost-effective alternative for obtaining groundwater samples from monitoring wells, or to perform NPDES discharge grab and composite parameter sampling.

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