Technical Resources

Technical Resources

Practical Assistance with Chemistry and Analysis

At IAL, we believe in equipping our clients with the knowledge and rationale behind the chemistry. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have the appropriate technical tools to evaluate and report on their project data successfully.

To achieve this goal, IAL is continually looking to make timely, relevant resources available to our clients.  These technical resources provide our clients the foundation needed to properly present and rely upon the data provided and draw consistent, solid conclusions as a result. 

In addition, IAL appreciates that the processes of planning for and preparing project deliverables can be time-consuming and tedious tasks.  To assist our clients, we have prepared a number of resources, from state-specific Chain-of-Custody forms to Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) and regulatory reporting tables.  

Our staff believe in staying at the forefront of industry and regulatory developments to best serve our clients' needs.  Our success is based on the success of each client project.  Please contact us with feedback on how we can help with your project.