Personal Care Product Testing

Personal Care Products

Cosmetics and Other Personal Care Products

IAL is an independent contract testing and research laboratory. Our services include providing formulators and manufacturers of cosmetics and other personal care products testing so that they can meet regulatory and safety requirements. Our staff is available for consultation regarding product testing and troubleshooting product problems.

Cosmetics do not need to be sterile however microorganisms in cosmetics can create product issues as well as harm consumers. The preservatives utilized in cosmetics need to be able to handle any microbial issues that arise in the product due to environmental conditions and the habits of the consumers themselves. When consumers use personal care or cosmetic products, they are continually challenging the products with repeat usage. Their hands are not sterile and repeatedly introduce unwanted microorganisms to the products.

Preservative Analysis

A key test for personal care products is preservative analysis. Preservatives prevent a product from microbial contamination during product storage and use. Many different preservatives are used. IAL will typically test for (Please note that this is not a comprehensive list):

Stability and Shelf Life Determination

IAL can provide standard testing such as the following:

Raw Materials:

Finished Products:

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