Pharmaceutical Division

IAL Pharmaceutical Division

Innovation Alongside Advanced Analytics 

The Pharmaceutical Division within Integrated Analytical Laboratories is an FDA-registered, cGMP-compliant organization that provides analytical services for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, specialty chemical, and medical device manufacturers.

From DISCOVERY to COMMERCIALIZATION, we provide the consultative development support needed to MEET REGULATORY GUIDELINES and REDUCE COSTLY BOTTLENECKS throughout your product's life cycle. 

We have the experience to solve the difficult problems and deliver solutions that demand a higher level of COMMUNICATION and COMMITMENT in this highly evolving industry.   We invite you to CONTACT US  or CALL US TODAY AT 973.361.4252 x133 to discuss ways to get your product to market sooner.

The industry has changed ... our team is ready.

As a medium-sized, analytical laboratory with SMALL MOLECULE SPECIALIZATION - within the heart of the big pharma development world - we have the ADVANTAGE your team requires.  We are able to stay PERSONALLY ENGAGED with every one of our clients and provide INNOVATIVE, INDIVIDUALIZED APPROACHES to industry demands facing each project.  How are we doing this?

  • We've EXPANDED the range of our services and CONTINUALLY optimize the skills of our dedicated staff to manage our customers' expectations every day. 
  • We've reconfigured our laboratory for OPTIMUM THROUGHPUT ... adding redundant ICP/MS units and special teams to handle multiple requests for Elemental Impurities Testing.
  • We've CHALLENGED the old rules - and found NEW APPROACHES to Method Development and Validation - finding the shortcuts that save countless hours throughout the development cycle.

Consultative management with whom you can actually consult.

You should talk with DAVID BROWNING.  David is a scientist, a teacher, and a true consultant in every sense of the word.  He is our Director in charge of the Pharmaceutical Laboratory for IAL.  With over 20 years of experience in managing and directing the QA and analytical R&D functions in both manufacturing and CRO environments, David has the technical experience, consultative approach, and business acumen to which every member of your team can relate.  We are glad we have David in this important leadership role.  We invite you to reach out to him whenever you're ready.

Bottom line ... you get MORE with us.

We work with you like you are ONE OF US - because you are.  We are ONE TEAM when we work together.  Your success is ours.  We handle your projects with transparency, honesty, integrity, and fairness, AND we communicate easily and often.  We bring SPECIALIZED and INDIVIDUALIZED KNOWLEDGE and APPROACHES to your projects and problems - invaluable in a world where one-size-fits-all fixes are the norm. 

The best time to contact IAL is when you want a straight answer and want to save yourself days, weeks, or months of costly delays.  Whether you have a regulatory or chemistry question or concern - or maybe you just need samples picked up from your offices (yes, we can) - CALL US TODAY AT 973.361.4252 x133, to see how we can add value to your development program.  

The future is bright for our business, and we enjoy helping every customer attain success.  We'd like to be part of yours.

IAL Pharmaceutical Testing Services include:

We welcome your questions and invite you to contact us to discuss your project needs.