Environmental Division

We test thousands of environmental media samples a year, including air, water, wastewater, drinking water, soil, solids and hazardous waste matrices.  Our analyses meet the regulatory requirements of the specific programs governing our clients' projects, as well as NELAP Accreditation (NELAP #TNI01284) and the respective Laboratory Certifications maintained by IAL in several states including Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.  IAL's data deliverables comply with client and regulatory requirements and a wide range of software modeling programs.

We have prepared a variety of technical resources to assist our clients in developing and documenting meaningful and compliant, project-specific sampling and Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs).  These informational resources are under continual review by the IAL team to ensure that the most current, promulgated regulatory criteria are incorporated and applied.  From presenting Technical Memos to providing downloadable sampling forms, IAL provides a range of resources to aid clients in the interpretation and evaluation of laboratory data, and in the preparation, documentation, and reporting of sample collection programs that meet individual project and regulatory requirements, including Data of Known Quality Protocol (DKQP).

A number of analytical approaches have emerged in recent years which yield a more detailed understanding of the biological and chemical conditions of contaminated sites.  Employing the best available technology, IAL's scientists can support a site-diagnostic approach which can provide multiple lines of evidence to help clients better define their Conceptual Site Model (CSM), optimize remediation selection and performance, and inform the technical decision to pursue remedial alternatives of equal or greater efficiency at lower cost, including in-situ bioremediation, enhanced bioremediation, oxidative solutions, monitored natural attenuation (MNA), and closure.

We welcome additional inquiries into our environmental services and invite you to contact us directly so that one of our Project Managers may personally assist you with your project needs.