Soil and Water Testing

Soil and Water Testing

IAL's analytical testing capabilities include analysis of surface and subsurface soils, sediments, and solid and hazardous waste samples, along with surface and ground water, drinking water, and industrial process waste water.

Soil analyses include:

Water analyses include: 

Additional specialty and package analyses include: 

 A full list of the analytical tests we offer is available by contacting one of our experienced Project Managers.

Guidance and Forms

IAL offers a vast array of technical and regulatory guidance documents, summary sheets, and update memos to assist our clients in the design and implementation of sampling programs in support of their environmental projects.  In addition, we have prepared a number of user-friendly forms, such as Chains-of-Custody, that can be downloaded for direct use or modification based on individual project needs.  Information on access to these documents and forms can be found in IAL's Technical Resource section.

Service Quotes and Orders

IAL offers electronic submission of Bottle Order, Pick-up Schedule, and Service Quote requests for existing clients upon log-in.  For new clients, please contact IAL directly to request a Service Quote or Bottle Order, or to further discuss your project needs.